Should Defense Spending Be Cut?

Posted on December 5, 2010 at 10:47 pm by Andy Sochor

Spending by the federal government is out of control. Any rational person can see that spending must be cut, hence the landslide election last month in favor of those who promised to reduce the deficit and rein in spending.

Liberals, though, do not want spending to be cut. They want government to spend more and continue to grow in power and control over our lives. Spending cuts are offensive to liberals because it puts power and control back into the hands of individuals, businesses, and the states. So how do the liberals fight back? They call for cuts in defense spending.

Liberals know that conservatives generally are staunch supporters of the military and, despite the need to cut spending, are reluctant to agree to cuts in defense. The debate that ensues over defense spending is often enough to distract lawmakers from making necessary spending cuts (which is just what the liberals want).

Are conservatives being hypocritical by calling for spending cuts, but not wanting to cut defense? Not at all. There is a very good reason why we need to maintain a strong military while slashing current spending. And it is a reason that liberals just won’t understand.

The Constitution.

Last week, the Heritage Foundation posted an article — Top 10 Reasons to NOT Put Defense Spending ‘On the Table’.” The number one reason (and appropriately so) for not including defense spending with the other budget items to be considered was this: Providing for the common defense is an obligation established by the Constitution.

If Congress is to carry out their elected duty and cut spending, they must start with each and every bureaucracy, entitlement, stimulus, bailout, and pork project. Only after this spending is cut should Constitutionally-mandated spending (such as defense) be considered (if it is even necessary anymore).

People may not agree whether our involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Korean Peninsula, and other places are necessary. And there may also be ways to cut wasteful defense spending without diminishing the strength of the military. But it is in the American people’s best interest to have the strongest, most powerful, most advanced, and best trained military on the planet in order to ensure our own peace and liberty.

To the newly elected Congress: slash spending, balance the budget, reduce the deficit, but also be sure to maintain a strong national defense.


  1. Our military spending is not defense spending. We spend more on military than all other nations combined. That is not defense, that is greed and insanity. If we really want to cut the deficit, military spending is the big ticket. Less war would make us safer and stronger financially.

    Comment by Robert – December 17, 2010
  2. No, if we really want to cut the deficit, unfunded liabilities and unconstitutional entitlements need to be addressed. There may adjustments that could be made in the defense budget, but there are a lot of things that need to be addressed first.

    Comment by Andy – December 17, 2010

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