When Congress Ignores the Will of the People

Posted on March 27, 2010 at 12:01 am by Andy Sochor

This week, Congress passed health care reform legislation that was massive, historic, and unpopular, which the President then signed into law. While Obama, Pelosi, and many other Democrats are quite pleased with themselves, the American people are not. As the bill was being passed by a simple majority in Congress, 59% of Americans disapproved of it.

How could this happen? This issue was debated for over a year. The American people were loud and clear — We do not want this health care reform! At rallies, town hall meetings, and in other ways, we did whatever we knew to do to convince Congress to oppose this legislation. They voted against our will.

In Congress we have the House of Representatives. The individuals elected to this body are to represent the people. Sadly, in the end, enough of them were pressured/charmed/bribed by the administration and Democrat Congressional leaders that the bill was passed. They were not listening to the people. They were listening to the party leadership.

The problem is that Congress, in many ways, is out of touch with the American people. The issue of health care reform is not the only issue in which we see this, but it is a prominent one. We can see that our “representatives” are often more in tune with party leadership in Washington than they are with their constituents.

The way to solve a lot of the problems we have in Washington is to enact term limits upon those serving in Congress. The 22nd amendment set a limit to the number of times a President could be elected. This was done to prevent the President from acquiring too much power. It is high time we did the same thing with the legislative branch of government.

There are too many career politicians in this country. We need to have individuals who will serve in Congress for a time, then go back to their life as a regular citizen and live under the laws they helped pass. As it is, we have a Congress that will pass a health care bill the people don’t want, but refuse to submit to its mandates themselves.

Of course, even without official term limits, the people still have the final say as to who serves in Congress. The American people need to rise up and with their votes — either in the primary or general elections — end the political careers of all those who voted for this bill.

Yes we can.


  1. Just saw this article that discusses the issue of term limits – Incumbents Beware: Term Limits Resurrected by Disaffected Voters.

    Here’s a good quote from that article: “It’s really not so much a left-right issue as it is a people versus power issue.”

    Comment by Andy – March 28, 2010
  2. […] understand the reasoning behind the push for term limits. I’ve even argued for it in a previous post. But the more I’ve thought about the idea, the more I’ve convinced myself that term […]

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